The material began to find full expression with the dramatic abstractions of Enrico Taglietti, Italian-born, Canberra-based, architect. His McKeown house (1965) began to push the boundaries  of the material, and, as public commissions followed private ones, his level of experimentation grew. 
Excerpt from 70/80/90 Iconic Australian Houses 
Karen McCartney

The work of Italian-trained Enrico Taglietti shows the varied modelling of a new geometry. Take an example, the McKeown House:tapering walls, cantilevers and roof planes tie together to make a very strong and carefully composed "work of art". Here plain building is transcended.

Excerpt from Australian Housing in the 70s - Howard Tanner

photos :  © Harry Sowden
photos :  © et

client :   Mr. & Mrs. McKeown 

engineers structural :   Quigan Gam & Sellick

builder :   G Teliczan