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ET Short Notes __02

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man can not live by bread alone


Among the many assumptions of the twentieth century "co-operative technocracy" nothing is more absurd than the belief that a City can be planned by a team of urbanists, sociologists, civil engineers, politicians, administrators and architects, feeding computers with erudite programming and expecting to solve qualitative problems with quantitative statistics.
Cities are "Symbolic Utopic Architectural Assemblage" determined by identification with emotional rituals and their Genus Loci
The present identification with democratic processes and material growth is producing and will continue to produce, the current urban crisis. Planners must recognise and accept more qualitative values based on the less democratic values of culture and poetry.


Architecture is the Art of modelling voids that TALK emotions and render reason mute. It is a Theatre in search of actors. It is never static, its energy is eternally renewed by the life within.


Life should be more for contemplation and dreaming than for action. To dream you must imagine and imagination is energy. Fuel resources are finite dreams are not.


Canberra's Soul is quality and poetry not quantity and "downtown" syndrome.
We do not need Macquarie Street, L'Etoile, Piccadilly, Quincy Square, via Veneto or Fifth Avenue.
We need uniqueness, we are our SOURCE.
We should strive for development which nurtures Canberra's SOUL the very SOUL, that too many developers, politicians, and ill-informed people proclaim does not exist. The city- of the "no where".