1963 Town House Motel Wagga Wagga

Building of the year

Of all the Buildings constructed in Australia during the post-war period this Motel Building is probably the most dramatic.

Its lavish sweeping eaves and balconies designed to protect the guest rooms from the hot inland sun give the building a sculptural feeling of unusual quality.

The Architect has indeed achieved an "organic fusion of forms, functions, structure and volumes".

This building breaks new ground for Multi-storey buildings in this country.

The concept of the box, the early symbol of 20th Century Modern, has here given way to a truly organic structure.

Architecture and Arts - December 1963, Melbourne

photos : © et

client: Moteliers Limited

engineers structural and hydraulic: Quigan Gam & Sellick

engineers mechanical: K. Bishop

builder: G. Flamia Construction

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