X Triennale - Milan Italy, curator of foreign entries


Esposizione Etiopica - Milan Italy,

ET curator and poster designer


Italy at David Jones - Sydney Australia, curator


Cultural Seminar - Meeting of 2 Civilizations, Melbourne Art Centre December 14 - 15

ET speaker and program designer


Transformations in Modern Architecture - New York Museum of Modern Art February - April 1979


1982 - 1983

Old Continent - New Building Design Arts Committee Australia Council

Australian Embassy Paris, London Copenhagen, Milan, Brussels, USA

The first international tour of a major exhibition of Australian architecture. A book by David Ell. (Giralang Primary School)


Canberra Museum and Gallery February - 11 July 2010

TOMMORROW TODAY Innovation and Change in 1960's Canberra

"In the 1960's Canberra underwent a metamorphosis, from large country town to thriving national capital. Cutting edge innovations in education, science and technology, town planning and architecture were supported by national and international migration to the city. Canberra's cultural life also continued to grow in this period with the development of new theatres and cinemas, venues for art exhibitions and art education as well as sophisticated restaurants and cafes."


In Light of Shadows - 1st June 2012

We endeavour collaboration in art, to seek the wonder of shadows. Our work is to convey wonder.

“For me, after forty years, the light, the challenge of the emptiness and the relationship with the fragility of this ancient land are still reasons for my profound attraction to this country.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 June 2012

Working out of the shadows


Canberra Odyssey 2113 - Canberra Museum and Gallery - July November 2013

"This exhibition invites us to explore the visions of local academics, artists and designers. These dedicated Canberrans have collaborated to reflect on what it might be like in our city 100 years on, in 2113."


Sydney Living Museums - Australian Iconic Houses - curated by Karen McCartney

The Dingle House, Hughes, ACT, 1965



Enrico Taglietti is a respected Canberra architect who has made a lasting and important contribution to Canberra’s built environment.

Enrico first began designing furniture in Italy in the 1950’s. Sculptural forms and strong geometries can be seen in his work.

In 2012, Enrico and Thor were celebrating the completion of a Taglietti designed letterbox over a whisky, and Thor took note of an unusual chair “Poliedrica”, which Enrico had originally produced and exhibited in New York in the 1950’s. Thor suggested a small change to the chair and ended up taking it back to his workshop. Enrico took the opportunity to commission Thor’s Hammer to build a series of prototypes and a new Polyedrica was born.

A collaborative exhibition of furniture designed and produced at the old Canberra Brickworks, this show features works by Enrico Taglietti, Geoff Farquhar-Still and Thor Diesendorf. Taglietti is a respected local architect, Farquhar-Still is an established, Canberra-based sculptor and Diesendorf is a leading furniture designer whose work focuses on design solutions to best make use of the natural qualities of reclaimed timber.

Enrico and Thor will be presenting the first release of the new 2014 Polyedrica Chair, a table and picture frame.

2015 - 2016 Comunita Italia - XXI Triennale Milan

....dovremo considerare Enrico Taglietti come uno dei più interessanti intrepreti della modernità italiana anche se la sua attività, dal 1954, si è sviluppata in Australia. Opere come la McKeown House o L’Australian War Memorial o il Town House Motel, con i loro rimandi a Wright a Neutra a Moretti hanno saputo interpretare paessaggi, mediando culture ed esperienze lontane .........

..... we may have to consider Enrico Taglietti one of the most interesting voices of Italian Modernism even if his career was rooted in Australia from 1954. Works like the McKeown House or the Australian War Memorial of the Town House Motel with their links to Wright, Neutra and Moretti were able to interpret landscapes mediating distant cultures and experiences ........

Alberto Ferlenga – rettore Università Architettura Venezia IUAV


Town House Motel Wagga Wagga NSW

2016 - 2017

National Archives Australia - Australian Iconic Houses - curated by Karen McCartney

The Dingle House, Hughes, ACT, 1965


2018 Design Canberra - Enrico Taglietti Symposium - November 2018


2019 Design Canberra _Glass Utopia

Last year I was invited as a speaker by DESIGN Canberra at the Symposium dedicated to the Italian architect Enrico Taglietti, and I visited the Italian Embassy,” says Annalisa.

Mr Taglietti talked about a bridge between Italy and Canberra, between us, the small island of Venice and Canberra. I thought that was really touching and I’m hopeful that my work as the curator of Glass Utopia continues on with this dialogue in 2019.

Annalisa Rosso,

HerCanberra_November 2019