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Interview by Professor Gevork Hartoonian & recent graduate Patrick Stein.


"I have always been bewitched by the poet Giacomo Leopardi and his notion of the infinite. It was the infinite that was existing in wonder. I think I follow that quite often." ET.


Sydney Living Museums - Australian Iconic Houses

curated by Karen McCartney The Dingle House, Hughes, ACT, 1965

Part of the Home & Architecture series from Sydney Living Museums:


Enrico Taglietti interviewed by Michelle Potter for the Centenary of Canberra oral history project

audio available from National Library of Australia NLA


Taglietti's Heritage Schools

Award-winning architect, Dr Enrico Taglietti, describes the four schools he designed -- Latham, Flynn, Giralang and Gowrie primary schools -- in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia. In this interview, Dr Taglietti refers to the defining influence of Latham, Flynn and Giralang in terms of the evolution of an educational philosophy during the 1970s. Gowrie, which came later, is seen as an important finality to the progression.

Camera: Ross Christopher Editor: Daniel Gwynn Producer: Roger Nicoll Website:


National Library of Australia Oral History 1988 - Enrico Taglietti interviewed by Heather Rusden

Enrico Taglietti, architect, describes his early architectural training and his career in Australia. He speaks of his family background and childhood in Milan; Jesuit schooling; family move to Asmara, Eritrea during WWII where he is taken by the light and colour of the landscape; medical studies in Asmara; Italians in Eritrea; his family being unaffected by the war; shock on seeing aftermath of war in Milan; studying naval engineering in Genoa; architecture studies at Milano Polytechnic University; lecturers Ponti, Nervi, Molino and other influences; association with Le Corbusier; philosophy and architecture; form, function, space; move to Australia in the mid 1950s; the Sydney Opera House; emptiness of Australia; settling in Canberra; views on Burley Griffin.