1969 Glenhope Road - A. C. Smith House

The Allan Smith house has been designed totally as interior space.

The only external forces at play were the sloping site from the street down toward the distant valley and the total absence of trees on the site.

The slope created the low profile of the house from the street and the more powerful one toward the valley.

The lack of trees created the fortress-like concept of the wall surrounding the house to enable the confined internal area for landscaping and free treatment of all areas around the precinct.

Excerpt from Australian Housing in the Seventies - Howard Tanner

photos : max dupain studio © et

client: A.C. Smith

engineers: K. Sellick

builder: A.C. Smith

STAGE 2 - 2006 Glenhope Road - Fiona and Duncan addition

The origin of this project can be traced back to the late sixties with a design for a house for A.C. Smith. The current owners restored the house and requested to extend it. The addition of a separate pavilion was agreed upon to maintain the integrity of both the existing house and the new architecture. A connecting wedge was employed piercing the original volume that allows the new to be independent and enjoy a love affair with the old.


Connecting wedge detail.

photos : © max dupain studio © et

in collaboration with B. Lowe

client: Mrs F. & Mr D. Lee

engineers: G. Ross

STAGE 3 - 2013 Mark and Lara

photos : © et

in collaboration with act_romegialli

client : Mark & Lara

engineers: G. Moss

builder: Nordarcon

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